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Make sure to listen to these activations in a safe space.


“Maja’s Activate the Flow of Abundance 5 Week Course is an incredible series that is packed with amazing techniques and tangible outcomes.

Maja is an absolute joy to work with and I love her frankness, realness and ability to tap in and connect on a super deep level. Maja is very skilled at working with people individually, and at the same time, allowing that work to touch and benefit everyone within the group. Maja’s techniques have absolutely cleared and healed many of the ‘issues’ that have been keeping me from truly benefiting from all of the abundance and prosperity that surrounds me.

I know Maja has so much knowledge, experience, and techniques to share, that the 5 weeks went by so quickly. I didn’t want the course to end. I was feeling so happy and positive and really seeing benefits during the course and in all honesty, I’m still feeling the same. Each day reveals something new and it’s completely exciting.

I can’t encourage you enough to join Maja and this course. You will laugh and you will heal and you will absolutely activate your flow of abundance!”


“The abundance course was amazing. It was great to be able to access it on my own time. I really enjoyed all the sessions and meditations. I always feel much more calm, peaceful, and open to attracting abundance after listening to the sessions.

I attracted presents that I have wanted for a long time and more importantly shifted to a more abundant mindset that allowed me to align with my desires.

I have done this course with Maja a few times, and each time more joy and abundance flowed into my life. I would highly recommend this course. Maja is fun to work with.” – Sabina

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