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Conscious Creators Academy is for individuals who are ready to design their life in alignment with their purpose.  There are courses, bundles and challenges available for you right now, depending on where you are in your personal development.  

Our mission is to help you thrive, live a joyous and abundant life and become a master manifestor of your dream life.    


Maja Savic is a Holistic Coach & Healer, Musician, Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher, Yogini, Intuitive Biz Coach, Spiritual Mentor and Motivation Speaker that helps transform people’s lives on an international level. Published on Insight Timer, Medium, hosting her podcast on various platforms and Youtube channel where she shares her teachings.

She experienced her first spiritual awakening in her teens and has studied many paths over the years ever since. She got trained as Yoga Instructor and has been studying Yogic scriptures for years, she is also a certified Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, Life Purpose Coach and Angel Card Reader, she trained in EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping, Meditation, Breathwork and more, as she always aims to up-level to better support her community.

Her calling to be a healer came to her in 2012, when she was a full time musician and vocal coach. Ever since she has followed her guidance which lead her to energy healing and mind reprogramming trainings, where she specialises the help people break through their limitations and step into empowerment. Her work is profound, gentle and brings long-lasting results. Her focus areas are transformation and empowerment, having struggled herself in such times she aims to make this experience easy and fast.

She is passionate about women empowerment and has been organizing women circles over the years, Circle Song sessions and concerts where she featured her colleagues and students. Her mission is to help women recognize their inner power and align with their purpose.

Her teachings are about ALIGNMENT and MANIFESTATION, through the practice of Mindfulness, Awareness and Conscious Planning.

She hosts her podcast “Aligned Living by Design” where she covers spiritual topics, law of attraction and tips on personal development. Her Youtube channel also includes valuable content and glimpses from her personal life, where she posts regularly.

Originally from a small Mediterranean country called Croatia, she is based in Paris where she works with clients from all over the world and hosts international events.

She founded QInspired Life in 2016 to promote conscious living, to inspire people to follow their heart and manifest their dream life!


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