Embodying Confidence Bundle

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How would you like to feel confident and bold to go for what you want without hesitation?

Just imagine…

how it would feel to walk into any room and own your power,

ask for what you want,

set clear boundaries and keep them,

stop undercharging and bartering, and even raise your prices to uplevel your income!

When you feel confident YOU ARE UNSTOPPABLE!

Embodying Confidence is a healing bundle to help you awaken confidence and take your power back!

This bundle includes 3 audio tracks (mp3):

  • Meditation Music with Subliminal Messages for Confidence + Theta Frequency Binaural Beats (4:48min)
  • EFT Tapping for Confidence (17 min) + BONUS Video EFT Explained & Guided Tapping to Clear Fear of the Unknown/Future (16min)
  • Anchoring Confidence Hypnosis (31 min)

It is recommended to use these tracks for at least 30 days for the best results. Make sure to listen in a safe space.

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