21-Day Manifesting Miracles Challenge

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Who would like to make miracles your new normal?? 

Let us raise the vibration together! 

Join my 21-Day Manifesting Miracles Challenge to set up sustainable practices, experience an energetic cleanse, and a whole new attitude – one of a BELIEVER.

This is a 21-Day challenge to help you boost your manifesting skills to attract miracles with ease. Every week you will receive a NEW advanced manifesting technique to practice, and daily practice + homework to step into alignment.

Once you sign up you will receive a Theta Healing to clear any resistance you might have to receive miracles, Manifesting Miracles Master Class, Manifesting Miracles Workshop + Workbook, and an EFT Tapping to Raise your Vibration & Attract Miracles.

What you get: 

✓  21 daily practices (video + mp3 + homework)
✓  Once you sign up you will receive a welcome e-mail and get access to BONUS Materials to get you started
✓  You will have a supportive FB community with whom you get to share your experience!

☆ Theta Belief Healing to Clear Resistance and Download Empowering Beliefs to help you manifest miracles with ease (20 min mp3)
☆ Master Class on Manifesting Miracles  (19 min video)
☆ EFT Tapping to Raise Your Vibration and Attract Miracles (6 min video)
☆ Manifesting Miracles Workshop (1.5h video + workbook)

This is for you if you’re ready to up-level your game and raise your vibration to become a magnet for miracles!

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