21-Day Manifesting Miracles Challenge


Are you ready for 21 days of healing, inspiration, and miraculous solutions?

This challenge is designed to help you clear any resistance to miracles and align with ease and flow!

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This is a 21-Day challenge to help you boost your manifesting skills to attract miracles with ease. Every week you will receive a NEW advanced manifesting technique to practice, and daily practice + homework to step into alignment.

Once you sign up you will receive a Theta Healing to clear any resistance you might have to receive miracles, Manifesting Miracles Master Class, Manifesting Miracles Workshop + Workbook, and an EFT Tapping to Raise your Vibration & Attract Miracles.

What you get: 

✓  21 daily practices (video + mp3 + homework)
✓  Once you sign up you will receive a welcome e-mail and get access to BONUS Materials to get you started
✓  You will have a supportive FB community with whom you get to share your experience!

☆ Theta Belief Healing to Clear Resistance and Download Empowering Beliefs to help you manifest miracles with ease (20 min mp3)
☆ Master Class on Manifesting Miracles  (19 min video)
☆ EFT Tapping to Raise Your Vibration and Attract Miracles (6 min video)
☆ Manifesting Miracles Workshop (1.5h video + workbook)

This is for you if you’re ready to up-level your game and raise your vibration to become a magnet for miracles!

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