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Heal Your Money Story

READY TO HEAL YOUR MONEY STRUGGLE AND BECOME A MAGNET FOR LUCRATIVE POSSIBILITIES? ARE YOU TIRED OF CONSTANTLY STRUGGLING TO PAY YOUR BILLS / COVER YOUR EXPENSES / PAY OFF DEBT? Do you feel like it’s never enough?  No matter what you do and how hard you work, it never seems to be enough.  Even …

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Embodying Confidence Bundle

How would you like to feel confident and bold to go for what you want without hesitation? Just imagine… how it would feel to walk into any room and own your power, ask for what you want, set clear boundaries and keep them, stop undercharging and bartering, and even raise your prices to uplevel your …

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Divine Prosperity Activations

This is a bundle of powerful healing sessions and energy activations to help you activate your wealth and prosperity. You will receive: Theta Healing of major Money Blocks Theta Healing “Clearing the Path to Abundance” Money Freedom Empowerment Allowing Abundance Attunement Wealth & Prosperity Affirmations Abundance Hypnosis

Manifest Like a Pro Masterclass

Would you like to learn how to manifest fast & easily? Want to learn how to stay in Trust and Alignment?  Would you like to clear doubt, resistance, and blocks?  GOOD NEWS!!! YOU’RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE! This FREE 30-minute Masterclass covers 5 steps to manifest whatever your want with ease. IN THIS MASTER CLASS …

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Dare to Dream Big masterclass

READY TO GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE AND FINALLY START LIVING?You’re in the right place! Dare to Dream Big Masterclass is designed to help you get out of your comfort zone and dream big to make the most of your life. This is for you if: You feel like you’ve been living someone else’s …

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Live With Passion Workshop

In this workshop, we’ll be delving into the #1 most important aspect of living a purposeful life – LIVING WITH PASSION! Your passions unlock the key to your happiness, your excitement, your fulfillment, your talents, and your success. This is for you if… You want to feel authentic and in integrity with your true self …

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Design Your Ideal Life Workshop

WANNA LEARN HOW TO DESIGN & MANIFEST YOUR LIFE?COME JOIN THE FREE WORKSHOP! In this 1-hour workshop you’re going to learn how to design your ideal lifestyle, and learn a super fun manifesting technique to make it a reality! I’ve been designing and co-creating my ideal lifestyle for decades now and I’d love for you …

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21-Day Scripting Challenge

READY TO MANIFEST YOUR IDEAL LIFE? WRITE IT INTO REALITY WITH SCRIPTING. Join my 21-Day Scripting Challenge designed to help you write a new story where you feel inspired, fully aligned, and excited about life! Every day you’ll get a new scripting technique to help you manifest your best life. We start with baby steps …

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Discover Your Life Purpose Course

READY to find your LIFE PURPOSE and LIVE your DREAMS?Join this life-changing program and make positive changes in your life! Discover Your Life Purpose is an 8-week course to help you tap into your highest potential and live with passion. In just 8 weeks we’ll cover…Week 1: Childhood InfluencesWeek 2: Passions and InterestsWeek 3: Talents …

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21 Days of Abundance Challenge

This challenge has been Divinely inspired and every day you will receive a powerful guided practice, such as Theta Belief Healing, Guided Visualizations, Journaling Prompts, EFT Tapping, and more! Once you join you will receive a powerful Theta Belief Clearing Meditation and a special invitation to a private FB community where I will be supporting …

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Meditation For Beginners Course

Meditation For Beginners Course is designed to help you get started on your Meditation practice. I make it simple and easy so you can start your daily practice. These instructional videos are here to help you develop and deepen your practice. It doesn’t have to be hard. Let’s make it simple! Can’t stop overthinking? Don’t …

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Abundance Bundle

The Abundance Bundle is a 4-part video training series designed to activate your self-worth, clear limiting beliefs around money, and attract abundance! Abundance Bundle Includes:  EFT Activate Self-Worth & Step Into Your Power EFT Stop Self-Sabotage & Get Out of Your Own Way Attract Abundance Meditation Master Class & Belief Clearing: Clearing the Path to Abundance

Activate the Flow of Abundance

ARE YOU READY TO BECOME A POWERFUL MAGNET FOR ABUNDANCE, PROSPERITY & MIRACLES? If your body + soul are telling you HELL YES, then you’re in the right place! This 5-week course is designed to help you boost your abundant flow and manifest the life you deserve! In this course we will clear over 150 …

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5-Day Abundance Challenge

Learn how to magnetize your abundance in just 5 days! We kick off the LIVE challenge on June 6th, 2022! Come join! THE 5 DAY CHALLENGE!  DAY 1 – CLARITYWe will begin with defining abundance and getting clear on what we want to manifest. DAY 2 – CLEARING RESISTANCEWe will clear resistance and blocks with …

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