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Hi there!

Welcome to the Conscious Creators Academy!

My name is Maja and I am a Holistic Coach & Lifestyle Designer. I’m so happy you decided to begin your journey to living your best life. I have been developing these courses over the years to help inspire you to follow your heart’s desire and provide resources to help you get there with ease.

All of the tools provided here come from my personal experience and these are the techniques I’ve been using for decades.

Both my clients and I can testify that they provide fast and long-lasting results, but they require you to take your personal practice seriously and commit to your big dream.

Sending you loving support to manifest all that you wish for!

For any further questions please don’t hesitate to reach out.

What my students say...

"Maja is an absolute joy to work with and I love her frankness, realness and ability to tap in and connect on a super deep level. Maja is very skilled at working with people individually, and at the same time, allowing that work to touch and benefit everyone within the group. Maja’s techniques have absolutely cleared and healed many of the ‘issues’ that have been keeping me from truly benefiting from all of the abundance and prosperity that surrounds me."
“The abundance course was amazing. It was great to be able to access it on my own time. I really enjoyed all the sessions and meditations. I always feel much more calm, peaceful and open to attracting abundance after listening to the sessions. I attracted presents that I have wanted for a long time and more importantly shifted to a more abundant mindset that allowed me to align with my desires. I have done this course with Maja a few times, each time more joy and abundance flowed into my life. I would highly recommend this course. Maja is fun to work with.”
"I am writing this e-mail to you to thank you for the beautiful experience from your 5 weeks Activate the Flow Abundance Course // September 2020. I managed to finish the challenge and still working through the bonus sections. During that time, I have had so many opportunities that I never knew was within my reach. It also pushed me to learn new things and open up to other possibilities. I am truly grateful for your program. The hardest part for me is still to heal my money story. However by accepting abundance, I can feel I am slowly healing. Your program is truly life changing. Thank you again. Love and Light."
Marsela N Rita
"I was blessed to be a part of Maja Savic’s QInspired Life 5 Week on-line course, “Activate the Flow of Abundance”and I have to say, it was quite powerful. The modules, the readings and meditations and the writing, all worked together to help me shift my energy vibration and clear some old blocks that had been keeping me stuck for a long time. Maja is an amazing leader and is very available for her clients. It’s a very personal journey with her…… I am still feeling the affects, weeks afterward of the Time Jump Manifestation and the DNA Activations. Both were especially significant for me. I noticed an expansion of my understanding; a feeling of expansiveness in my thinking, which I believe will only continue to reveal itself in weeks and moths to come. I was able to accomplish or begin a number of goals during the 5-week course, which also continue. I was able torecreate new Mission and Vision statements for my current life as well as revive a Life Motto, which I hadn’t been in touch with in several years. Blocks in my song writing efforts have been removed or loosened to a greater extent than I have ever been before. New ideas and songs are flowing! All in all I feel greater ease and clearer direction for my goals and energies. Thank you, Maja!"
Rev. John Frederick


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